About Vija

Born in Latvia, Vija has lived, studied and worked in Riga, Amsterdam, Leeds, Bangkok, and New Delhi, Denver, CO and currently lives in Seattle, WA. As a published author, photographer and a world traveler, Vija scuba dived with sea turtles in Malaysia, tracked orangutangs in Borneo, camped in the Amazon jungle and Australian outback, filmed a documentary in India and hiked for two weeks in Nepal. She has been an official Lighthouse Keeper along with her son Maxim on the Dungeness Spit in WA. 
Currently she works as a part-time instructor at the North Seattle College and as an independent Neuroplasticity Consultant. Vija has a B.A. in Communication and a B.A. in Social Work from the University of Leeds, UK and University of Utrecht, Netherlands. She speaks four languages fluently and one day hopes to master one more.
Vija came to her first Neurosculpting® class with Lisa Wimberger in 2011 and has been teaching Neurosculpting® since 2013. Neurosculpting® has helped her to combat PTSD, to rewire various unproductive habits and to discover a more integrated path in both her professional and personal life. 
Vija has practiced meditation in varying forms since her late teens and undergone Buddhist study with Sakyong Mippham at the Shambhala Buddhist Center. She is also a certified Children Yoga instructor. 
Vija is in constant awe of unlimited human potential and is extremely motivated to share powerful Neurosculpting® tools that she uses on a daily basis herself. Vija teaches core Neurosculpting® classes to individual and groups (incl. Fidelity Investment and the Polyclinic). She is available for private consultations. 

 vija@rogozina.com, 303 – 887 – 5857


One thought on “About Vija

  1. Travis Rumsey says:

    I’ve studied with Vija. She is profoundly wise and understanding. She has helped engender deep change within myself, as well as bring healing to those I admire. Love this woman and all she brings to the world.

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